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Featuring three games

Learn math quickly and in a fun way unlike ever before! Imicron apps are interactive, educational and gamified which makes them perfect for primary school students.


Do you have trouble visualizing fractions? Squares can help!

Number line

Practice your fractions on the number line. Pick your level and start playing.

Decimal Numbers

Do your know where the decimal point goes when you multiply or divide? Play and find out!

Why it works

Find out for yourself


Our games are all inspired by real-life examples of math being useful, meaning they're relatable and intuitive.


Our games can be played against friends, and teachers can organize a class or school competitions.


Our games can be played on both Android devices and personal computers.

Fractal game menu


Our products have been tried and tested in numerous classes and schools

Free to try

All of our products are either completely free, or can be tried out free of charge.


Most importantly, it's a game - it's fun.

"Prošli vikend sam napokon upoznao ekipu iz startupa Imicron Solutions iz Mostara. Razvijaju igre za učenje matematike. Učenici uče kroz igre, a rezultati su prva liga. Igre je odlično osmislio moj kolega matematičar Ivo Pejdo. Svaka čast Ivo! Veselimo se budućoj suradnji!"
Toni Milun
"Uz Imicron Solutions, matematika je mačji kašalj!"
"Razlomci ce dobro doci i mojim srednjoskolcima 😛 Jedva cekamo :)"
Andrea Vukić
Satisfied Customer
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